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Job title: Market development manager
Working place: Zhejiang ruian Ma Yu
wages: Basic salary + commission + + development award bonuses (sure)
The number : Ten people
The function: Market development, product promotion, customer maintenance
  Education background: high school/technical secondary school degree or above, (such as marketing, business management, economic management or related preferred).
2. Working experience: 1 years experience in sales, marketing, sanitary ware, building materials, household industry sales experience is preferred, at the same time welcome challenges and is willing to improve yourself or other people in the society of the college graduates)
3. Conduct attitude: can bear hardships and stand hard work, have the courage to challenge, positive enterprising, good conduct, can adapt long-term on business.
4. Skill: can use computer skillfully, have good interpersonal and communication skills, has the keen market insight. Has the strong time and self-management ability. Have a certain sales skills, has the independent analysis and problem solving skills
5. Age, gender,


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